About Us

Mission Statement

Groton Multicultural Montessori is dedicated to nurturing the development of each child’s unique potential. Our program will be a compassionate, harmonious place where children, teachers and parents gather to inspire a love of learning, others and the world.

Registration and Affiliation

Groton Multicultural Montessori is licensed by the State of Connecticut. Groton Multicultural Montessori has no religious affiliation and does not discriminate on the basis of race, national or ethnic origin or religion.

Our Space

Groton Multicultural Montessori is located in the Christ United Methodist Church. These rooms were built with young children in mind. There are many windows that bring in natural light and allow the natural beauty of the setting come into the classroom.

The classroom offers a rich environment designed to be explored by the children. The rooms are carefully prepared to promote a strong sense of order. This creates an environment that encourages natural and spontaneous learning. The Montessori materials and curriculum are structured to meet the needs of the children at every stage of their development.

The outside area is used to further the learning experience of the children. There is an enclosed playground bordered by majestic trees that gives the outside area a feeling of peace and serenity.