Montessori Teachers

Role of the Teacher

The work that a teacher does in a Montessori program is unlike “teaching” in the traditional sense of the word. The teachers serve as the link between the child and the learning environment. It is through daily observations of the child’s interactions with the Montessori environment that the teacher understands each child’s interests and level of development. These observations guide the teacher as to which materials to demonstrate to the child. The children will then choose and use the materials on their own as often as they like. In this way the children learn at their own pace through repetition and eventual perfection of an activity. The teacher strives to nurture a sense of confidence, independence and social responsibility in the children by creating a beautiful, calm and joyful place where they can explore and create.

The teacher is most active with students who are new to the Montessori room. It is very important for the teacher to know when to intervene, and above all, when to step back. While the teacher is there to help and encourage the children in all that they do, the ultimate goal is to intervene less and less as the child develops self-confidence and inner discipline. Knowing how to observe constructively and knowing when, and how much to intervene, are the most important skills a Montessori teacher can possess.

 Groton Multicultural Montessori Teachers

Eleanor León

Co-head teacher and co-owner of Groton Multicultural Montessori.

Eleanor received AMI Montessori Primary training and diploma from the Montessori Education Center (now Montessori Institute Northwest) in Portland, Oregon. She worked as head teacher for four years in a Montessori school outside of Portland. After moving to Connecticut and starting a family she became active again in Montessori circles when she enrolled her son in a Montessori program. She worked for six years as assistant to the director and 4 years as head teacher.

Lavanya Shubhakar

Co-head teacher and co-owner of Groton Multicultural Montessori

Lavanya earned AMS Montessori Primary training and diploma from Montessori Teacher Education Institute in Norwich, Connecticut. Originally from India, Lavanya came to the United States in 1998. After relocating many times with in the US, she and her family finally settled down in Norwich in 2003. Since then, Montessori has been a big part of her life. She worked as a co teacher for two years in a Montessori school in Norwich. She then worked for 4 years as a head teacher in a Montessori school in Stonington.